Q: Do you only use real leather, can I get a faux leather piece?

A: I only work with real leather! Sorry! There are lots of other shops who work with faux materials, but I’m not one of them! Faux leather or "pleather" as I grew up calling it, is largely made of plastic and not sustainable at all. Quality leather pieces can outlast you and can become heirloom pieces if treated with the proper care.

Q: If you only use real leather… why is this shop called FRUIT Leather? I thought it was made from fruit…

A: None of the leather I used is fruit based! The shop name is a nod at “fruit” as in… GAY!!! As in… I am fruity making fruity leather for fruity people.

Q: Why don’t you use standard S - XL sizing? Why is everything custom sized?

A: There's a couple reasons! Probably the biggest reason everything I make is made to order is because of the fit. The beauty of buying custom leather is a custom fit tailored to your measurements. As someone constantly frustrated with how pre-made apparel fits- it's important to me that you're getting something that fits the way you want it to! The fashion industry is largely fatphobic and standard sizing is not actually standard. The weight assigned to words like “small,” “medium” or large is not something I’m interested in perpetuating with my work.

Another big reason is sustainability. Having stock laying around that no one wants isn't great for my body or the environment. What happens to work that never gets bought? Where does it go? I don't have to worry about those questions when I have very limited pre-made drops and only make what is already paid for.

Finally, working on a made to order system also keeps your options more open! You get the colors and hardware options you want- instead of having to potentially settle for something that's pre-made stock.

Q: What is the difference between Made To Order and Custom Orders?

A: Made to order refers to you putting an order in before I make the order. It means the piece is not already made and it is, exactly what it sounds like- made to order. Made to order pieces are already designed, and I make the pre-designed piece for you based on your measurements and color specifications with my formulas I've already worked out.

When a made to order item is sold out it means I am out of the materials to make it OR I have reached capacity to make more of those pieces for the month.

Custom orders are not pre-designed. They don't yet have a formula to make them and they are not sold in the shop! Custom pieces require me to sit down, work out the math, ask questions and sometimes sketch, and often times order speciality parts and hardware. Those are the orders that require emailing me and sometimes a consultation.

Q: How long will my order take?

A: All items are made to order unless marked READY TO SHIP. This is a custom shop, since everything is tailored to your specified measurements production times are longer than something sitting in a warehouse stock! I make every Fruit Leather piece with my own 2 hands, production time varies from 4 to 6 weeks typically, unless you order during peak times (the winter holiday season, or Valentine’s season).

Q: Do you accept returns or exchanges? Could I cancel my order?

A: I do not accept returns or exchanges! Since everything is Made to Order based on your specific specifications I can't simply put your piece back into inventory! Please contact me for alteration inquiries- some alterations may require a material fee! If something needs to be repaired please contact me! I am happy to repair anything that breaks!

I don't accept cancellations after 24 hours. Once your order has been put in, production starts on it shortly after- therefore I cannot refund you after 24 hours.

Q: What happens if my measurements are submitted late?

It is preferable that measurements are submitted at the time you place your order. You can submit them in the box at check out or you can email them me. If your measurements are late- you have 24 hours after orders close to submit them. If you miss that deadline your order moves into the next slot. If you never submit your measurements and never contact me- I will keep your order opened 6 months from the date you placed your order. After 6 months, your order is forfeited and closed.

Q: Can I use my pant size or belt size?

A: DO NOT trust marked sizes. I can not use marked sizes on shirts, pants, or belts due to a lack of standard sizing in the fashion industry. Please do not send lengths of belts in place of measurements, due to the wide variety of makers and proportions, these are never accurate to work from. Please read the description in each piece’s listing for directions on how to measure yourself for your custom piece.

Q: What color leather is available? What about hardware colors? What if I have metal allergies?

A: Standard shop dye colors are Classic Black, Oxblood, Saddle Tan, Caramel, Cola, Lapis Blue, Emerald Green, Cherry Red, Buttercream Yellow, Bubblegum Pink, or undyed Natural Veg Tan. Most silver colored hardware is Nickel plated, Zinc plated steel or Stainless Steel. Gold hardware is Brass plated or Solid Brass. Each listing has an allergy warning and lists the metals used. Please contact me directly for other options or to accommodate metal allergies, I’m more than happy to investigate other options for you! Unless marked otherwise, all made to order pieces are available in these options. For custom colors or hardware, contact me directly at customs@fruitleathershop.com.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! Almost everywhere! As of 2021 I have suspended shipping to the UK due to the new VAT requirements.

Q: How should I care for my new piece?

A: You don't need to clean your piece as much as you will want to! You can absolutely condition your leather without cleaning it first! You also don't need to use heavy oil or conditioners on your harnesses that aren't being cleaned frequently. I personally use Fiebings Saddle Soap to clean my leather when it's dirty. Leather pieces like strap on harnesses and boots gets cleaned considerably more than a harness worn on other parts of the body. When you use soap on leather it will take some of the oil out- so you need to feed your leather more oil! I personally use Obenauf's LP on every piece that leaves the shop- it can also be buffed to shine! Theres no need to use something with animal fats or something heavy like Huberts on your straps and harnesses- these kinds of products can be detrimental if used too frequently over time.

Q: What suede liner colors are available?

A: Please input your liner color into the box at check out if you have selected to add a liner to your piece! The colors available are: